The most dangerous states for truckers

The profession of a truck driver in the United States is considered one of the most dangerous. The percentage of trucks among all vehicles involved in fatal accidents differs from state to state.

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, only 2.4% of fatal accidents involve heavy vehicles. However, in some states this figure is very close to 9%. North Dakota is considered the most dangerous state for truck drivers (8.8%).

Why are some states more dangerous for truckers than others? One of the most important factors affecting the number of accidents is weather conditions.


Heavy truck fatalities: 3.5%

The main danger in Colorado is, of course, «black ice» (as American drivers call the unobtrusive, transparent ice on the road). It is very dangerous to drive here in winter. In the mountains, you can get hit by a rockfall.


Heavy truck fatalities: 4.6%

The outskirts of Oklahoma City, and indeed the entire southeastern part of the state, is dangerous in the spring, during the season of thunderstorms and powerful tornadoes.


Heavy truck fatalities: 5.9%

In Nebraska, the greatest danger is the weather. Strong winds in the plains of Nebraska (for example, on the road from Omaha to Denver) can literally blow you out of the way! If you are driving empty, carrying an empty container, you can easily end up in a ditch. And in winter it becomes even more dangerous here due to ice and snowfall.


Heavy truck fatalities: 6.7%

The winds, especially near Mount Elk, where there are a few sharp bends on the road, are damn dangerous. They often blow trucks off the track – in winter or summer. From November to May, I-80 is closed most of the time due to snow and ice. It can take several days to clear. All this time, drivers are forced to spend in the cabins of their trucks without the possibility of a human snack or take a shower “

North Dakota

Heavy truck fatalities: 8.8%

It’s better not to come here in winter. Huge snowdrifts that lie along highways in mountainous areas can end up on your windshield due to heavy winds. Snow clogs the mirrors, you have to stop and clean them. Or go blind.

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