How to stay awake while driving

Setting off on a long journey, experts advise drivers to clearly calculate their strengths, stop at night every 2-3 hours for at least 20 minutes of sleep.

But if there is no way to sleep, you should take a short vigorous walk or do some gymnastic exercises: this will help activate the circulatory system. Cold water also helps to relieve fatigue, so you should wash your face during stops. An excellent way to combat drowsiness is cheerful music, lively conversation with a fellow traveler, as well as a light meal with the inclusion of vegetables, fruits and seeds.

Also, the modern auto industry produces technical devices that can track the behavior of a motorist, determine the degree of his fatigue and give an audible alarm or direct a stream of cold air to the driver’s face if he starts to fall asleep while driving.

But more importantly, just get some sleep before the trip. According to statistics, a sleepy driver is even more dangerous than a drunk one: the number of deaths in road accidents due to falling asleep while driving is twice the number of victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

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