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Our mission is to provide superior customer service matched by excellence in our products. From semi-truck brush to grille guards, our team at Steel Horns is ready to face any challenge. At the end of the day, we want to offer you products that will take you safely on your journey, wherever it may be.

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Left Ear $ 150.00
Upper Beam $ 150.00
Right Mount $ 150.00
Rigth Ear $ 150.00
Middle Beam $ 150.00
Lower Beam $ 150.00


Steel Horns is a manufacturer of brush guards for semi-trucks located in Rockford, Illinois. We offer state of art semi-truck deer guard with a focus on quality and unmatched service. Steel Horns provides unmatched experiences for semi-truck owners through exceptional products and premium service for every product that we sell.

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We have a team of dedicated professionals who strive to offer the best services to customers, offering the best products that will meet your trucking needs. Our prices are competitive and affordable. At Steel Horns you will find the right product at the lowest price.

Our deer guards are manufactured directly in the USA and sold through truck parts dealers nationwide. Therefore, you do not have to order your parts from abroad, wait for delivery and pay extra taxes. Also by using our services you help to create and maintain jobs in America.
Thanks to the modular design, repairing damaged deer guards will be cheaper. You will not have to completely replace the guard in case of minor damage, but you will be able to simply replace the damaged parts.
Our main target is to keep your trucks and your business protected. We have built a reputation in truck deer guards production because we manufacture high-quality parts with a focus on durability and reliability.
The latest robotic technologies are used for the production of spare parts. This allows you to speed up production, make it cheaper, and also make it more accurate.
Our extensive work experience will certainly allow you to remain satisfied with the result of work, as well as our numerous clients.
With our services, your trucks will be protected from damage and your wallets from wasted funds. The average price of full deer guard will set you back $799, but you can also purchase separate parts, each for $150.

Why us?

Martin Kennedy
Truck driver
I bought myself a deer guard for my truck from the Steel Horns and I was very pleased! My truck now looks just gorgeous! Hope this will help me to protect my truck.
Ken Chains
Truck driver
They made a deer guard for my truck very quickly. It looks cool. Fortunately, I haven't experienced it in an accident yet, but I think it's reliable.
Steven Brown
Transport company owner
I ordered deer guards for my small transport company. They were installed on 4 out of 10 trucks. During this time, 2 small accidents happened with the participation of new drivers, but the consequences were avoided thanks to the deer guards.
William Blacksmith
Truck driver
After I got into another accident, I strongly decided to install a deer guard on my truck. I bought this from Steel Horns. After that, not a single accident has happened to me. I think the deer guard serves as a kind of lucky amulet. But it looks really cool.
Josh Warlow
I bought a deer guard for my truck and got into an accident a week later. The car in front braked sharply, I hit the brakes, but the collision was inevitable. The car that braked was damaged, but my truck remained intact thanks to the deer guard. After that I replaced the damaged parts of the guard and saved a lot of money overall. I highly recommend deer guards by Steel Horns!

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